High Performance Quality Coolant

DESCRIPTION: Unioil Coolant is a balance formulation of mono-ethylene glycol and selected corrosion inhibitors for use in the cooling systems of aluminum and/or cast iron engines whether petrol or diesel. It is designed not only to give full protection against boiling under high temperature conditions but also protection against freezing at low ambient temperatures.

APPLICATION: Unioil Coolant is suitable for all automotive engines' cooling systems made of cast iron, aluminum and mixed-metals.  Dilution of 50:50 mixture ratio with water is highly recommended for best results.

Excellent cooling system protection against both boiling and/or freezing conditions.
Corrosion inhibitors present to protect systems against rust and corrosion.
It is not injurious to varied types of materials e.g. rubber hoses, seals, generally found in a cooling system.
Colored green to facilitate rapid detection on any overflow or leakage.

Available in: 1L, 4L and Drum